Price list

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Regular Semi- Synthetic Oil Service
Up to 5L of oil(5w20/5w30) Cartridge filter extra
Castrol logo$69.95
Full Synthetic Oil Service 5w20/5w30
motul logo
Full Synthetic Oil Service 0w20 –  subaru logo  mazda logo  honda logo  toyota logo  nissan logo  infinti logo  lexus logo  acura logoCastrol logo$94.95
European Vehicle Oil Service Up to 9L of oil – bmw logo  mercedes logo  landrover logo  porsche logo  audi logo  volkswagen logo  jaguar logo  volvo logoFrom $149.99
Environmental Fee – Oil & Filter Disposal
Added to all oil changes
Hourly Service Rate$90.00 / hour
4 Wheel AlignmentFrom $119.95
Diagnoses (no start, drivability, engine light) – engine  battery  abs$90.00
DOT Provincial Saftey Inspection ontario logo$125.00
Vehicle Inspection$125.00
Seasonal Changeover (On Rims)$65.00
Seasonal Changeover (Off Rims)$100.00
Seasonal Changeover (Run Flat Tires)$160.00
Tire Balancing$79.99 / tire
Seasonal Tire Storage$95.00 / season
AC Check/Hook Up Fee (Only 134A Systems) ❄$120

All Prices are subject to applicable HST