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How much does a Pre Purchase Car Inspection cost for your car?

The cost of a Pre Purchase Car Inspection depends on the type of car you drive.

At Richmond Hill Auto Repair, our mechanics are experienced professionals which means we can save you time and money when servicing your car.

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Pre Purchase Car Inspection Cost, Service, And Parts Information

What Is A Pre Purchase Car Inspection?

When buying a new or used car, it’s important to ensure that the car you’re buying is safe to drive, in excellent condition, and is worth the price you’re about to pay. In order to avoid being sold a “lemon” or to avoid being scammed by a seller, it’s always important to have a pre purchase inspection performed on the vehicle to get that confidence that you’re making a great investment. Oftentimes if you skip ordering a pre purchase inspection, you can run the risk that unexpected problems with the car may appear.

A pre purchase inspection is performed by a licensed mechanic or auto technician, who will give the vehicle a complete end-to-end inspection to determine the cosmetic, mechanical, and safety condition of the car. The mechanic will pinpoint any current and existing conditions as well as highlight potential issues that could arise in the future.

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