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Welcome To Our Auto Shop.

Our Approach

Your Automotive One Stop Shop! We offer everything from oil changes to brake jobs, engine repair, body work, and more. We even offer extras like installation of remote starters, tinted windows and rustproofing. We also understand that people have very busy lives, and sometimes it’s a challenge to get your vehicle to a shop during a regular business day. For that reason, we are open from 8am -11pm, seven days a week!

Our Story

Richmond Hill Auto Repair has been serving the community for years, and offers a full list of car services to keep your car on the road. We understand that finding an auto repair shop that you trust can be a challenge. We strive to ensure an excellent customer experience, every single time.

Richmond Hill Auto Repair Can Take Care Of All Your Car Problems!


Next Steps...

If you would like to book a appointment or speak to one of our professional mechanics don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!